UVALDE, Texas (NBC) – Texas Rangers found clumps of hair, 460 rounds of ammo, a Wendy’s hat, and a Texas state ID card belonging to Uvalde shooter Salvador Ramos when they searched his home, according to copies of three court-authorized search warrants and returns made available yesterday.

The search warrant affidavit says that two men, identified as Cody Briseno and Gilbert Limones, were among the first to see Ramos crash his gray 2008 Ford pickup truck with Texas plate FNK-5522 behind Robb Elementary School moments before Ramos fired his shot and after he shot his grandmother in his home.

They say Ramos was dressed completely in black with long shoulder-length black hair and was standing by the passenger side of his truck when they approached him after the crash. According to the warrant as the two approached Ramos he was holding his rifle and then proceeded to load it with a magazine. At that time, the affidavit says, Briseno and Limones retreated towards the Hillcrest Memorial Funeral home when Ramos began firing multiple shots at them.

Briseno and Limones then told the Rangers that Ramos began firing toward the school as Ramos began to approach the school.

After Ramos was shot, the search warrants say they uncovered a Black Apple iPhone 13 Pro-Max in his possession. They say they have completed a forensic download of that phone.

When searching his home they say they recovered 2 apparent blood stain swabs (though they do not say from whom the suspected blood was from), two spent .223 shell casings, a bullet fragment, and 5 total clumps of hair (it does not say whom these clumps were from or where they were specifically located), one live .223 round, a Sonim radio phone, a Samsung Galaxy A12 phone (not assigned to any particular individual in the home), a bag of receipts, 2 PMAGS 30 round magazines, twenty 20 round boxes of .223 ammo from Frontiers, a Wendy’s Hat and an HP laptop computer (also not assigned to any particular individual).

The search warrants depict an arsenal found inside and around the car. Matching NBC News’ previous reporting, the Texas Rangers found a black Smith & Wesson M&P-15 rifle in the car.

There were 9 PMAG 30 cartridges fully loaded or nearly fully loaded located on the floorboards under every single seat of the car (unclear if they were strewn about because of the crash or if they were placed there intentionally), and three spent rounds located near the passenger side of the vehicle or on the floorboard of the passenger side, and a black plastic duffle bag which contained 180 rounds of ammo all in PMAG 30 cartridges.

The search warrant says they were able to collect 8 DNA swabs including two bloodstain swabs from the top right of the center console. The additional DNA swabs were collected from the interior front driver door handle, the interior front passenger door handle, and from the driver’s airbag.