WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – A subcommittee of the Animal Welfare Board met today to discuss how to ultimately reduce the amount of dogs in the shelter.

The committee is in the preliminary stages of its discussion, but it is aimed at addressing the overpopulation issue.

“The whole goal of this is to alleviate the strain that exists here at the shelter because anybody who pays attention on social media will see that the shelter is constantly at capacity,” Animal Welfare Board chairman Aubrey Robertson said.

One of the main topics was reducing the high amount of over-the-counter surrenders. That’s something they want to put a stop to by making sure people know the resources available.

“Those resources are in place to help people keep their animals if they feel that they have to give up their animal or surrender their animal to that to the City of Waco or to the Humane Society,” Robertson said. “Contact us. There are resources available if you need dog food. There’s dog food here that can be given to you, if you need a kennel, that stuff is here.”

Another way they want to keep dogs out of the shelter is by increasing spay and neuter surgeries. They want to create more partnerships and relationships to get more surgeries done.

“We make sure that we have enough capacity to spay and neuter animals so we can get those animals out into the community and get those animals adopted,” Robertson said.

The shelter has been full for a while, and they’re offering free adoptions until further notice.