WOODWAY, Texas (FOX 44) – Eliza Fletcher’s murder has many wondering about staying safe, especially when it comes to an activity many enjoy such as running or walking.

Joshua Barron at the Woodway Public Safety Department says don’t let a situation like this scare you away from running or walking outside, just take steps to keep yourself safe.

“That Memphis jogger really brought a lot to life across a lot of communities that do this exercise like this,” jogger Ashley Lee said.

Lee jogs or walks about five times a week and always makes sure someone knows where she is and brings her phone with her.

“I hated bringing my phone because I had to carry a fanny pack or have an extra pocket or something like that,” Lee said. “But now, I promised my husband that I will always bring my phone, and I’ve gotten used to it.”

Barron, the community resource officer, says there are many things you can do to make yourself less of a target.

He says first and foremost, always run with a partner.

“We have strength in numbers,” Barron said. “So the more people, the better and safer it will be for you.”

Also, run in the daylight.

“I know that the Texas heat kind of gets to you, so people prefer to run at night, but we try and encourage to run during the daytime,” Barron said.

Colonel Barron also says to have an alarm with you or something to protect yourself such as pepper spray.

“That way, if something is in the process of happening, you can set that alarm off and alert those around you,” Barron said.

When you’re on your run, go against traffic so you can see what’s coming at you, and use the sidewalk.

Also, try not to be predictable.

“Be a hard target,” Barron said. “So if you come out of your house and you turn left to run every single morning, occasionally come out of your house and turn right. Don’t always use the same path every single time. Make it a little bit more difficult to be taken advantage of.”