WACO, Texas – Waco Police are investigating a break-in and shooting which happened Friday morning.

Investigators say a person shot the suspect while catching him red-handed trying to steal property.

Waco Police were called out around 10:38 a.m., when the person who fired the gun made the call. They say the burglar was still in the residence, and moved towards them before they fired the shot.

When police got there, they had to search for the suspect who ran away.

Neighbors of the Viking Inn did not want to be on camera, but told FOX 44 they saw the man run through the parking lot bleeding. One person even said they heard two gunshots close to the area.

K-9 officers knocked on several doors of the inn before walking the suspect out in handcuffs. The paramedics arrived – checking his wounds before placing him on a stretcher.

The name of the suspect has not been released. According to the Waco Police Department, he was taken to the hospital for surgery.