PLAINVIEW, Texas– Plainview businessman, Andrew Johnson, took and plea and admitted to $4 million of “unlawful activity.” His plea included charges of Bank Fraud, Aggravated Identity Theft, and Engaging in Monetary Transactions in Property Derived from Specified Unlawful Activity on Friday, according to federal court documents.

Johnson admitted to obtaining over $300,000 on behalf of his business Radar Supports Construction under false pretenses in April 2020, according to court documents. Court documents also said Johnson committed similar acts at several banks across the south plains.

Court records also said that Johnson “fraudulently obtained” a total of 27 Paycheck Protection Program loans worth nearly $4 million for five small businesses he was involved with, some of which were proven to be “fictitious.”

Court documents said Johnson “falsely certified” the loaned funds would go towards payroll; however, the funds were used for personal reasons such as purchasing tractors, construction equipment, and 5 new cars.

According to Johnson’s plea agreement, Johnson faces more than 40 years prison, $1.5 in fines, over $4 million in restitution, and forfeiting all the motorized vehicles and equipment he purchased.