KILLEEN, TX (FOX 44) – Killeen is now asking community members to be proactive as the city enters stage one of it’s water conservation plan.

Taking cues from the Brazos River Authority, current drought conditions, and high temperatures were enough for the city to make an alert.

“It is again the hottest July in history,” said Janell Ford, Executive Director of Communication for the City of Killeen. “For as long as the recording has been going on and been documented, that was one of the factors, and we want to make sure that we’re doing our part.”

For Killeen experiencing mild water shortage conditions, Ford highly encourages even numbered homeowners to water on Thursday and Sunday and odd numbered homeowners to water on Saturday’s and Wednesday.

“It’s kind of the first step in saying there is a problem, we don’t want it to get worse here, which is here’s what you can do in order to prevent us from having to go to stage two, which could happen by the end of summer if we’re not continuing to conserve,” said Ford.

Getting water from Lake Belton, Ford says stage one efforts are voluntary.

The Brazos River Authority servicing many central Texas cities like Killeen says we’re in stage one being in a drought watch.

For temple currently not enacting it’s own water conservation plan, Temple city officials say they will take action if the Brazos River Authority moves to stage 2 being a drought warning.

“While it is something that we’re keeping an eye on and that it is something on our radar, it’s not a cause for immediate concern,” said Alex Gibbs, Public Relations Specialist for the City of Temple.

Outside of the Brazos River Authority, Temple could enact a plan if the demand for water exceeds how much treated water is available.

Gibbs says demand is currently below these percentages in Temple.