FORT HOOD, Texas (FOX 44) — The III Corps Deputy Commanding General Christopher Beck promoted to the rank of major general today.

“This promotion is truly a product of countless soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and civilians that I’ve had the opportunity to work with over my career,” he said.

Beck has had an illustrious career in the United States Army and now works at III Corps on Fort Hood.

But today’s ceremony focused more on family.

“It was great to have my younger brother here and his family,” he told FOX 44 News. “Like I said in my speech, they have yet to come to a ceremony, yet to be able to come to a ceremony and to have them here was truly special.”

“And some of the colleagues that I had from different assignments over my career, they are truly friends. They’re really great folks that I’ve learned a lot from professionally and personally. And it was a great opportunity to see them again.”

Major General Robert Whittle Jr. conducted the ceremony. He is also Beck’s mentor and a friend to the Beck family.

He not only spoke about their time as friends and colleagues but touched on Beck’s achievements.

“Chris commanded Task Force Phoenix, and that was the first special troops battalion of the fourth infantry division,” Whittle said. “When Task Force Phoenix arrived there three of the five sub districts that Chris was responsible for were under the control of the Taliban. But when he left, they were under control of the afghan government.”

Beck says the Army is all about perspective and left this advice to soldiers and other officers.

“Biggest thing I tell folks is keep learning every day,” he said. “There’s always something to learn from all the different people you work with. You will learn something every day and don’t ever stop learning.”

“You’re not an expert on what you do. You have to learn from those around you. And it’s really a pleasure to lead different people because of the learning that I do. So I love talking to junior folks. I love giving them the opportunity. But yeah, I would. I’m a huge fan of learning, continuing to learn.”

Beck hopes to be at Fort Hood for two more years and ended by thanking his wife and sons for helping him in his journey.