How to stay safe this Labor Day Weekend


WACO, Texas – The Texas Highway Patrol will be increasing enforcement this weekend to make sure you stay safe from those not following the traffic laws.

Troopers are looking for people not wearing seatbelts, speeders, drunk drivers or anyone who doesn’t follow the Move Over, Slow Down law.

“That’s not just to see if we can get a bunch of stops and tickets,” Sgt. Johnny Bures said. “It’s to try and reduce crashes.”

Sgt. Bures says DUI crashes are 100 percent preventable. If you are going to drink – have a plan in place.

“With any level of alcohol, make a plan to get a designated driver,” Sgt. Bures said. “Do that for your friends and your family. Call an Uber or taxi or Lift. There’s so many options that it just doesn’t make sense.”

TXDOT Waco PIO Jake Smith agrees.

“You should never have that mentality of, ‘I’ve only had a few. I’ve only had a couple,'” Smith said. “If you plan to drink, ensure that you have a sober ride home.”

Those options are cheaper than the cost of penalties drunk drivers would be facing.

“A DWI, you can’t afford it,” Sgt. Bures said. “If you just get stopped and get a DWI, that can be very costly. But if you end up hurting or killing someone, you know, how much does that cost? What’s the price on that? You can’t put a price on that.”

According to TXDOT, last year, 39 percent of traffic fatalities during Labor Day Weekend in Texas involved drivers under the influence.

During all of 2020 for the eight counties that make up the Waco district, there were 748 DUI-related crashes. 35 of those resulted in death.

TxDOT reported that every nine hours and six minutes, a person in Texas dies because of a drunk driver. November 7, 2000 was the last deathless day in Texas.

“So every day since then, someone has died on the highway,” Sgt. Bures said. “So that is what we’re trying to prevent.”

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