Hale County sees increase in COVID-19 Cases


HALE COUNTY, Texas — Hale County reported there were two new COVID-19 cases on Monday, and 87 active cases in the county.

Due to the growing number of cases, David Mull — the Hale County judge — said the county is taking precautionary steps to keep residents safe. In fact, Mull said since the county’s courthouse opened up last Monday, they have added safety measures.

“We have a notice for people saying if they haven’t felt well, please don’t come in,” he said. “When they come in they’re asked a series of questions by the officer there and they take their temperature.”

The City of Plainview reported this Monday that one of its employees who works in its finance building contracted the virus. The city said the finance building will remain closed for the remainder of the week and that it has been professionally sanitized.

Jeffrey Snyder, a city manager in Plainview, said he and other officials did expect some of the cases to rise after the governor loosened state orders.

“I think some of that’s expected as businesses open back up, following the governor’s orders [as we also] saw [from the] result of some of the graduation parties,” Synder said. “Just people getting together.”

Business owner Pedro Velez and his wife Francisca Velez own a secondhand store called Cheki’s Store off Broadway in Plainview. They have only been established at their current location for a year and said the pandemic has affected them financially.

“We’ve been putting our money into it while it was closed and we haven’t brought in any money,” said Pedro.

Francisca said they just reopened the store last weekend and she hasn’t seen too many people. She’s concerned about the high risk of the virus because she has family at home that she doesn’t want to get sick.

“I have my mother who is older and my husband also has his mother who is also sick, and my son Charlie, who has down syndrome,” she said.

Snyder said the city is planning on taking steps to help business owners in the area.

“We’re going to be purchasing masks to provide our businesses to give to their employees. We’re going to be setting up hand sanitizer stations in businesses and around our community,” said Snyder. “We’ve been working with the county to provide those for some of the events that have been happening in the community as well.”

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