GALVESTON, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Galveston bartender accused of overserving the suspect in a drunk-driving crash that killed four was arrested, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission said.

Gil Garcia, 58, was arrested by agents with the TABC on Monday on charges of selling alcohol to an intoxicated person, a news release from the TABC stated.

According to the release, Garcia worked as a bartender at Gloria’s Lounge located on the 4100 block of Avenue S in Galveston.

Agents with TABC said that Garcia was working as a bartender on Aug. 6. Later that night, a drunk driver collided with a golf cart, killing four passengers.

The suspect in the crash was identified as 45-year-old Miguel Espinoza. He was arrested and charged with four counts of intoxication manslaughter.

According to a previous report by the Associated Press, the victims were identified as Felipe Bentacur, 49, his niece Destiny Uvalle, 25, and two grandchildren: Kaisyn Bentacur, 4, and Brailyn Cantu, 14.

The victims were visiting Galveston Island on a vacation.

“This tragic case illustrates why it’s so important that alcohol retailers take steps to prevent sales to customers who show signs of intoxication,” TABC Executive Director Thomas Graham said in the release. “Businesses can help prevent deadly crashes by following the law and educating employees on how to identify signs of intoxication. Businesses that are found to have contributed to serious injury or loss of life will be held accountable.”

According to the release, a person convicted of selling alcohol to an intoxicated person could face a fine of $500 and up to a year in jail.