McLennan County, Texas (FOX 44) – UPDATE: The Waco Police Department announced on Tuesday morning that Jaylon Thornton, Zillyana’s father, has turned himself in to the McLennan County Jail. He has been charged with Injury to a Child by Omission.

This comes after police arrested Elias Espinosa on Friday in the shooting death of 22-month-old Zillyana Thornton. Espinosa is charged with Murder.  

On May 12th, Zillyana was transported to Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Waco on Wednesday afternoon, and was pronounced dead at 3:37 p.m.

Police told FOX 44 News that Thornton was shot in the stomach. They believe it was a handgun, and they have the weapon.

Police say video evidence shows Jaylon delayed medical attention to Zillyana, after she was shot, by six minutes. It reportedly shows that as Jaylon prepared to take his daughter to the hospital, he left the car to grab a backpack of marijuana and told Espinosa to leave with it. 

Jaylon is then accused of waiting for Zillyana’s mother to arrive, and then going back into the house to retrieve his house keys.

According to an autopsy, Zillyana’s heart continued beating for 33 minutes after she was shot – and her wounds were not immediately fatal. If shereceived medical aid sooner, doctors say she would have had a better chance for survival.

Detectives say Espinosa’s gun is the one that killed Zillyana, and that it was on a couch when the shooting happened. They say he did not have the weapon stored in a holster when he left the area.

The gun has been registered stolen out of Corpus Christi, and additional charges are pending.