WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — After the US Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade in late June, Texas’s trigger law took effect at the end of July, making it almost impossible for abortion procedures to be done.

An argument heard when discussing abortion practice is that adoption is an option.

Local attorneys Michelle Cummings and Kristin Kaye say adoption is not the end all answer to women who would have chosen an abortion procedure. It’s a long process, and can take a toll on the child.

“The system is just not set up to handle a large influx of new born children,” Kaye said.

Cummings says she fears that if a women puts a child up for adoption, she not only has to endure the emotional toll the process takes but then that woman has a record with child protective services.

“If she were to decide the future, she’s ready to have a child and CPS, for some reason gets involved, they’re going to pull up her history and they will be like, well, you had a child and you gave it up,” Cummings said. “And then that goes into a whole other area of the services that they provide, whether or not they’re willing to look at reunification if that child was removed or just any services they put in place for the mother.”

Both attorneys stressed that on the other side of the system, adoption is no easy task, whether private or through the foster care system.

FOX 44 News previously spoke with a private adoption agency about the process.

“We have a collection of families and right now we have about 110 families that are what we call approved in waiting,” Nancy Rothe said, the Executive Director of Nightlight Christian Adoption Texas. “They are waiting to receive a child into their home.”

“If you want to do all of those things privately so that you have more control over which child, you ultimately adopt or just more control in general over the process,” Kaye said. “I would say a private adoption can range anywhere between $7,500 and $10,000.”

We reached out to the department of family and protective services to see if there was concern for the system with the trigger law in place.

Their response:

“We do not know how the changes in the law will affect the system.”

Cummings and Kaye ended by saying the children who are in the system now need more help and they are concerned for future children who will be put into that system.

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