WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Leaders in the Waco community came out Friday afternoon to talk about how much the community has grown since the pandemic and shared several of the obstacles we have overcome as a community.

“It’s been a hard two years. But one thing that we also know is that this community is resilient,” says LaShonda Malrey- Horne, Director of Waco Public Health District.

During the panel discussion community leaders and medical providers who were hands on during the pandemic shared what they are still learning about the affects of COVID, specifically on the Hispanic community.

“It is scary going through a pandemic in the united states where English is your first language and you can understand with the tv and the health professionals are telling you. But it’s a lot scarier where English is not your first language,” says former council member Hector Sabido.

Former council member Hector Sabido shared what he saw in the Hispanic community during the peak of the pandemic while serving on the Waco city council board.

“You still hear even of some people that may be had COVID and they’re still dealing with some of the aftereffects,” says Sabido.

Some topics that were discussed, the economic hardship several businesses saw during the pandemic.

“Where some of the businesses had to be closed due to COVID because they didn’t they couldn’t operate,” says Sabido.

“So it’s had a tremendous impact on not being able to take in business or accept any business, as well as being able to offer employment, employment at our location,” says small business owner Amber Scott.

Even how the education of children has changed the past two years.

“You see some of the children that are still behind in school because during that time, school was offered via zoom,” says Sabido.