WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — August is National Immunization Awareness month and as we get closer to the start of school, your student may need an update.

“This is the time of year that it’s great to check on those shot records to make sure that your children are current on all of their immunizations,” Clare Paul said, the Senior Public Information & Communications Specialist for the city of Waco.

As children get ready to head back to school with their new backpacks, notebooks, and supplies, parents are getting the reminder about vaccines.

When kids head back to school, they are seeing their friends and teachers they haven’t seen all summer, but that also means they are contracting outside germs and possible illnesses.

“Always colds and other viruses that get around the flu will start looking for a little bit later in the season,” Paul said. “But that’s always a worry with school kids because they, you know, are touching each other and, you know, talking and in close, close, close contact with all of that. So we’ll have to worry about flu.”

Paul also stated that although COVID cases are not what they were at the peak of the pandemic, it is still a concern for the public health district.

“They haven’t been around all of their friends. And of course, as soon as they get back to school, they’re going to be wanting to hang out with those friends and close contact and all of that,” she said. “So there’s always that chance. And if you even suspect that your child might have something, you know, keep them home, get them tested. So let’s try to control it as best we can.”

She also recommended that for parents with young children, practicing hand washing and using hand sanitizer before the school year starts is a great way to put those actions into their heads so when they’re at school it’s just a natural reaction.

The public health district does take appointments and walk-ins for immunization updates and if you have questions about what vaccines your student needs, talk to their primary care physician or the school.