TEXAS (KAMR/KCIT) — Deep in the heart of Texas you’ll see an expanse of land, beautiful colored sunsets, and sports fans who root for their Texas teams: win, lose, or draw.

Those who have never been to Texas may develop certain stereotypes of the Lone Star State evolving from movies like “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” (1969), “No Country for Old Men” (2007), or “Tombstone” (1993).

Whether you embrace or are embarrassed about certain stereotypes about Texas, once you enter the state it’s easy to see how diverse and full of life the people and places in Texas can be.

Texans ride horses everywhere

Texas is full of land where horses can graze, roam, and live in peace on beautiful farms. Some may believe the transportation of choice is a horse, which is not a bad idea as equine horse therapy is a wonderful way to relax and promote physical and mental health.

Although kids would be awed in fascination if a student rolled up to school in their decked-out white horse, this is not the case. Also, some may assume that all Texans automatically know how to ride a horse as if they grew up with one in the backyard of the family home.

Texans have a fondness and love for horses and one may spot a couple of cowboys riding their horses into town on a beautiful day, however, this does not often happen. Although it’s a welcomed surprise if you happen to see them roaming around the city.

Not everyone has a Southern accent

It’s easy to spot a Southern accent from a mile away as most people think that Texas natives will walk into a friendly conversation in California and start speaking like Billy Bob Thornton’s character in “Sling Blade.”

It may be a surprise when a Texan is heard speaking with a different accent or no accent at all, but upon visiting Texas, one will notice the diversity across the state in almost every way, including the accents.

There’s a barbecue spot on every corner

This stereotype is not difficult to get behind. The debate between Texas barbecue and Tennessee barbecue (or Carolinas barbecue) can result in friendships lost but the conversation continues as Texas barbecue is often the go-to delicious dish of the south.

Every Texan will speak of the profound effect that a good stack of ribs or brisket with the perfect barbecue sauce can have on a person.

This is one reason why you “Don’t Mess with Texas” as it may result in a longing for the delicious state barbecue.

Although barbecue is a significant presence in Texas, there are many dishes including chili cheese fries, chili con carne, Texas sheet cake, along with fajitas and pecan pie that are extremely popular in Texas.

Just in case you craving it, here’s a list of the 50 best barbecue joints in Texas.

Texans only listen to country music

Country music is beloved in Texas but this is not the only genre of music that exists in the state. Considering the diversity, there is sure to be an array of musical tastes, from hip-hop to rock and everything in between.

Country music topped the list of America’s Hardest-Working Music Genres in 2015, according to besbud.com, but Latin music ranked No. 1 in the favorite genre category in Texas, as reported by Wide Open Country in 2021.

Football is life

There’s no denying that if you go to a small Texas town you will notice the love for football as small businesses show their support for the hometown with posters in their shop windows.

Some Texans may hate this stereotype, but others will embrace it seeing as college stadiums are packed full of screaming fans who wish nothing more than for their team to win.

Rivalries are prominent and organizations spend millions on upgrading stadiums, but most fans just love the deep-rooted traditions that come with rooting for the home team with their families and friends.

However, a love of the game is not exclusive to Texas. In fact, the official state sport of Texas deals with a different kind of “pig skin” – Rodeo.

Everyone owns a pair of cowboy boots

From the farm to the rodeo to a music festival, cowboy boots are a signature way to display one’s Texas spirit – but not every Texan owns a pair.

Cowboy style has changed significantly, especially in Austin where you will see a modern take on the cowboy look. However, most often you will see people in Texas emulating diverse styles from around the world.

Style has evolved and, therefore, the signature style in the Lone Star State goes beyond a pair of cowboy boots.

It’s all just desert and land

Driving down the open road with the music blasting and snacks on hand can be a relaxing feeling, and in Texas one will notice the incredible landmarks.

Yes, Texas has wide-open lands but you will see the beauty along the way including Big Bend National Park, Palo Duro Canyon in Amarillo and Gorman Falls in Houston just to name a few.

These places prove that although the trips may seem long, the destination is the ultimate prize when on the road in Texas.