Texas Wildlife Officials Stock Lake Meredith with

Wildlife officials are stocking Lake Meredith with fish this week. 
As fisherman know, spring is a great time to fish because they’re more likely to get a catch. 
Officials say last year, the drought hit Lake Meredith hard and killed off lots of fish. 
But it wasn’t just the lack of water that did the damage but what was inside the water that played a big part as well. 
It’s called Golden Algae and it wiped out several types of fish like Walleyes, Crappies, Large, Small and White Mouth Bass.
Assistant District Supervisor John Clayton said, “Golden Algae is toxic to fish, when water conditions are just right we get a toxic bloom. With the drought we went through the lake levels dropped significantly which resulted in higher salt content which makes conditions right for a golden algae bloom.”
But the situation is looking up.
Yesterday Texas Wildlife officials added 1.5-million Walleye to Lake Meredith and they plan on adding another million plus tomorrow. 

It looks like the first of the Walleye will be arriving at Lake Meredith this afternoon. I’m not sure how many we will…Posted by Inland Fisheries Panhandle District – Texas Parks and Wildlife on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

But the newly hatched baby fish will be too small to catch right now. 
Clayton says they’re currently seven to eight millimeters but by the end of the summer they should be between four to eight inches.
Although many types of fish were killed off by the Golden Algae, the catfish population is strong.

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