(KPRC) Unbelievable video, that’s not only tough to watch — but terrifying to listen to. 

“I’m okay, I’m okay?”

The frightened voice you’re hearing, a 17-year-old too shaken to share her identity, on the phone crying, explaining to her dad – she was nearly kidnapped. 

“Dad, they nearly kidnapped me. They nearly took me.” 

“Everything happened so fast, it was like if it were life or death right there.” 

The incident happened early Thursday morning while the victim says she was walking to school at Sam Houston. 

There in broad daylight, she says a man pulled up in a truck and tried to take her. 

“He stopped a little bit more in front of me and he got down. He grabbed from my arm actually, telling me to get into the truck.” 

She says pulled back though and was able to get away just as another teen and her mom were pulling up. 

“I’m so thankful, it’s like if they were my angels at that moment.” 

“My mom opened up the door and told her get inside the car and she told us what it happened.” 

Instead of simply waiting for police, the trio took off and followed suspects truck for several blocks. Even as he blew through stops signs, camera rolling. 

Eventually, he ran out of road after wrecking into the vehicle chasing him. 

“When the guy hit the door, he lost control and went into the ditch. And as soon as he hit the ditch, he got out the truck.”

Police were on the scene within minutes and arrested Daniel Zapata who already has a long wrap-sheet. 

“These type of guys, they don’t deserve to be out here in this type of world.” 

The victim, both thankful for the mother and daughter who helped to save her, not to mention chase down the guy who she says has devastated her. 

“I just thought he was going to kill me or rape me. One of those two. I have no words for what happened, I’m just glad that I’m okay.”