Texas Tech University’s interim chancellor said funding for the university’s new veterinary school is still on track. 

During a ceremony today, Happy State Bank was honored for its donation of $2.5 million to the new Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine, which has a funding goal of $90 million. 

“This amount will put us up to about $46 million of that already, so we’re well on our way to reaching that goal,” said Texas Tech University Health Science Center President and Texas Tech University Interim Chancellor, Dr. Tedd Mitchell.

Even with the recent change in leadership, President of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Interim Chancellor of Texas Tech University, Dr. Tedd Mitchell, explained that the plan for the school remains the same. 

“This is absolutely the same plan we’ve always had,” said Dr. Mitchell.

Dr. Mitchell said this is a product of a long-term project the university has been working on in conjunction with others in Amarillo.

“This is a new model for veterinary medicine, a new curriculum for veterinary medicine. This community is perfect for it. This is the epicenter of beef industry of the country,” said Dr. Mitchell.

He said the vet school is about providing for the people who care for the animals that in turn take care of everyone else.

“This is a need that’s been sorely unaddressed. We’re excited to be part of the solution,” said Dr. Mitchell.

Happy State Bank is also happy to be a part of the solution.

“We are so excited what it can do for the economy for the education,” said Happy State Bank CEO, J. Pat Hickman.

Dr. Mitchell said the bank’s donation exemplifies the support the school needs from the community. 

“When you have folks from Happy State Bank that will step up and take a leadership role like this, it makes everything much more workable for us. Especially heading into the next legislative session,” Dr. Mitchell said.

The proposed school will be comprised of two buildings. The first of which will serve as the academic headquarters alongside the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in northwest Amarillo. 

Happy State Bank donated the same amount of money to West Texas A&M University’s Department of Agriculture earlier this year, bringing the bank’s total university donations up to $5 million.