AUSTIN, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) announced a new web page featuring the official legislatively-designed State Symbols of Texas.

According to TSLAC, the new website features each official state symbol with a photograph and citation of the relevant resolution from the Texas Legislature.

TSLAC stated that state symbols had been designated since 1901 when the bluebonnet was chosen as the official flower of Texas by the 27th Legislature. The list now numbers 76 symbols across a wide variety of categories, including “State Bird” (the mockingbird), “State Snack” (tortilla chips and salsa), “State Domino Game” (42), and “State Dinosaur” (the paluxysaurus joensi).

TSLAC said that the state symbols website draws in frequent visits by educators, students, libraries, writers, researchers, and members of the public. The upgraded version now includes more information in a user-friendly format alongside photos relating to each symbol.

Further, TSLAC revealed that the legislature chooses state symbols and place designations through the same process used for other legislation and special resolutions. Any member of the state House of Representatives or Senate may file a resolution or bill to name a state symbol. Both branches must pass the bill or resolution, and then the governor’s signature makes the designation official. Earlier this year, the 88th Legislature designated 10 new official capitals and 10 new place designations.

Lastly, TSLAC said its Reference Services department provides information on its About Texas web page, including other symbols such as state flags, seals, songs, etc. The website also includes references, information and links to various resources regarding Texas business and economics, cities and counties, geography, government, history, holidays, notable Texans, and more.

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