AUSTIN (KAMR/KCIT) —  According to a news release from the Governor’s Office, Gov. Greg Abbott championed Texas’ position when protecting the rights of the unborn at the 2023 Texas Rally for Life at the Texas Capitol in Austin.

According to officials with the governor’s office, Abbott addressed over a thousand pro-life Texans celebrating Texas’ recent landmark of pro-life achievements and also promised to continue the fight.

“All of us are united by the truth that our creator endowed us with the right to life,” said Gov. Abbott. “With your help, we made transformational changes in Texas law last session—life-saving changes. We promised we would protect the life of every child with a heartbeat, and we did. I signed a law doing exactly that. We passed a law that bans mail-order abortion drugs in Texas. We promised that if Roe v. Wade was overturned, abortions would be banned in Texas. It was overturned, and I signed a law that bans abortions in Texas. All of you are life savers, and thousands of newborn babies are the result of your heroic efforts.”

Gov. Abbott detailed during his address that Texas’ comprehensive pro-life efforts protect the life of both the child and mother, Abbott also provided $100 million for the Alternatives to Abortion program.

Officials said Gov. Abbott was joined by “Texas Alliance for Life” Executive Director Dr. Joe Pojman, Bishop Joe Vasquez, and other pro-life faith leaders, advocates, and elected officials.

According to the release, this event is hosted annually by the Texas Alliance for Life aiming to bring together pro-life advocates, faith leaders, and elected officials from across the state to march to the Texas Capitol in support of every Texan’s fundamental right to life. 

Officials stated that as Gov. and during his tenure as Texas Attorney General, Abbott has advocated for and signed laws to further protect the innocent unborn including:

  • Senate Bill 8, ensured the life of every unborn child with a heartbeat would be saved from the ravages of abortion,
  • House Bill 1280, banned abortions in Texas once Roe v. Wade was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.