Beer-to-Go Amendment heads to Texas Senate Floor

Texas Politics

Texas craft breweries, including one right here in Amarillo, has inched even closer to possibly selling their beer to go.  

After making it through a Senate Subcommittee reading, the beer-to-go amendment, part of HB 1545, has made it to the Texas Senate floor

As the only stand-alone craft brewery here in Amarillo, long wooden spoon brewing is currently not allowed to sell their beer to customers on the go

L-w-s brewing co-owner and head brewer Jared Read makes a final plea to the senators on why they should pass this bill and help them out

Co-Owner and Head Brewer-Long Wooden Spoon Brewing Jared Read says, “Just support us, just help us. That’s all we ask, be pro-business. They tell us that they’re pro-business but this is one time they show that they’re really not pro-business. They want to hamstring us. They want to keep us in this little box and we want to grow outside that box.”

The amendment will continue to be debated and discussed as a senate floor vote could happen as soon as the end of this week

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