Texas Newspaper Ad Targets Drug Dealers


A small community paper in Texas is taking on drug dealers in a tongue-in-cheek way.

In August, the Lumberton Ledger published an ad that offered drug dealers a chance to snitch on their competition.

Now, they’re at it again this time extending the offer to drug users.

100 miles east of Houston in Lumberton, Texas.

“This is literally god’s country.”

Population 8,731.

“There’s just so much to offer here.”

The editor of the local weekly newspaper is trying to help police put an end to the sales of drugs.

“If it takes one drug dealer off the street its worth it.

David Lisenby runs the Lumberton Ledger.

In August, he donated space for them to run what amounts to a public service announcement.

They’re his words: “attention drug dealers  is your competition costing you money? Would you like to eliminate that problem?”

“we can help. We can take your competition off the street for free.”

Drug dealers snitching on drug dealers that’s a win-win according to Lisenby.

The ad was shared exponentially on social media, quickly going viral.

“I think its pretty funny actually.”

There’s spaces right there for the drug dealer to write down not just the name of their competition, but the person’s address, phone number and where they sell drugs.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. I think its very smart.”

Lisenby and the Ledger got such a positive response they did a second ad.

This one targeting users offering them “justice” for turning in a dealer who might have ripped them off.

Police describe the drug problem here as “moderate”.

Lisenby says the city population grew over 35% between 2000 and 2010, suggesting that was part of the problem.

“If this little add will take one of those bad people out? Yay!”

The question now of course?

Whether drug dealers read the paper? Maybe only the smart ones.

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