Texas Bird Hunting Season Off to Foul Start, But Could Be Flying High in December


According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, bird hunting season in Texas officially kicked off at the end of October, but if you ask the hunters across the state, they’ll say there’s only one thing missing right now—the birds.

“The season is just now starting,” Randy Triplett, a South Texas hunter for over 30 years said. “The warm weather has hurt it a little bit.”

In the pre-dawn hours on Sunday, Triplett and his team of hunters were already posted up in a rice field 40 miles from the Gulf Coast. The team of six hunters, braving the freezing temperatures, arrived ready to hunt snow geese, the primary species that migrates to Texas.

“You know it’s just full of unknowns,” Triplett said. “The weather starts controlling it. If we have a lot of cold weather, the birds will have to stay hungry. So, there are a lot of intangibles that we don’t know about that are going to happen—that are going to make or break the season better or worse.”

Triplett said the warm weather has stalled the bird’s migration – giving hunters across the state a slower start to the season. However, a delayed start, according to Triplett, doesn’t mean a bad season is in the forecast.

“It peaks out until about the 10th of December until Christmas,” Triplett said. “Usually around that time period is usually the best.”

Triplett said he expects to see more birds migrating toward Texas all at once.

“Bird hunting–it’s a big part of the Texas economy,” Triplett said. “It brings people to come in, eat, buy gasoline, stay at hotels and all that stuff. So, it’s a big tourist attraction.”

For more information on dates and regulations, go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website or click here.

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