Texas 4 Year-Old Dies Of Flu And Pneumonia


A Texas family is mourning the death of their four-year-old daughter who died of flu and pneumonia. She marks the first pediatric flu death in Dallas County this flu season.

Ashanti’s farther Martell Grinich says, “She rushed to the ER. She had pneumonia. They said by the time they got her, her lungs were so full of pneumonia and she ended up passing.”

Martell Grinich’s heart is broken.

His 4-year old died just days ago — from the flu.

Martell Grinich says, “She wasn’t even running a fever at this time, we just knew she was very sluggish and she wasn’t eating. But like I said that cough. It was a dry cough and then she started spitting, spitting. My wife said she saw a little discharge of mucus, a little brownish color. When you see any of those signs, you stop what you’re doing. I don’t care if you’re at work, your other spouse calls you, you go to the emergency room ASAP and you let them check for pneumonia.”

And now he hopes his pain will at least help save even one life.

Martell Grinich says, “I think about my baby, that tears me down, man. That’s what I was living for. I told her I wasn’t gonna let anything bad happen to her. I used to preach that to her every single day that daddy’s going to be there, daddy’s going to be there. And now I’m sitting here on camera letting you know I wasn’t there because I didn’t even know. I didn’t know that she had pneumonia. I didn’t know that you could get pneumonia from the flu. That ain’t nothing to play with. Because of it, I lost an angel. That girl was beautiful. She was smart, intelligent. She was my world.”

Ashanti is the 7th flu-related death in Dallas County this flu season.

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