A trip to the doctor’s office will now just be a video conference away.

New creations are taking multiple advances and possibilities not only for the Panhandle but for the entire state.

On Saturday, Governor Greg Abbott signed the Telemedicine Bill allowing for this innovative approach.
“By our employees being allowed to use video, It’ll just provide them a little more ease and access to meet with a physician for any general medical condition they might have,” says David Joza, Amarillo ISD Risk Management Director, “and so it will provide them more comfort to be able to see the doctor either on the phone, on their tablet or their computer and not just talk to them over the phone.”

For six years, Teladoc has been fighting to make this a reality in Texas.

They along with representative Four Price say they saw a need.

So they wanted to make it possible for more Texans to have access to health care.

“Many of the counties in Texas, I think 35 counties overall, don’t have any physicians at all,” says Jason Gorevic, Teladoc President and CEO, “and the state ranks 46th in the country in terms of primary care physicians per thousand people. “

Officials from the Telehealth company say they were invited to collaborate with the Texas Legislature to accomplish this goal.

Now a patient-physician relationship can be established without an in-person visit first.

“From a rural perspective it certainly helps us access healthcare in areas where we have a shortage of professional workforce shortage,” adds Representative Four Price, “so that’s important, and so it can save not only time but it can help access care.”

Now that the bill has been signed into law, Joza says it goes into effect on Thursday.

We spoke to employees at neighbors emergency center and they say it’ll help them because the ultimate goal is getting people access to health care.

Teledoc has been operating in Texas since 2005.

They have 3,000,000 members in Texas with more than 2,500 clients, AISD being one of them.

Across the U.S., the company has more than 20,000,000 members.