Telecommunicators being celebrated this week


You may never see one face to face, but they are the first first responders. 

This week, dispatchers are being honored for their hard work.

“They are the first ones you are ever going to talk to and a lot of times they may be telling you how to do CPR until someone can get to you,” said Sheriff Brian Thomas.

Mandi Jones is a 9-1-1 telecommunicator for Potter County and says it is a job that can be quiet but also very busy in a moment’s notice.

“It can be stressful at times, here at Potter County, we have long periods of nothing then we have periods of everything at once. It usually isn’t staggered, its all or nothing.”

Currently, Sheriff Thomas says there is legislation being looked at to change their job classification.

“There is legislation right now to try and make them a first responder, right now they are considered clerical, believe it or not.”

Jones tells us it is just an honor to be recognized.

“It is good to be recognized and say hey, we know you are there and we appreciate you handling those situations,” said Jones.

The month of April is also geared at raising awareness of 911 education and ensuring children know how to make emergency calls.    

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