Yelp helps you find bad health score ratings for restaurants

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The online crowd-sourced review company recently introducing health score alert sytem in Chicago and Los Angeles for restaurants, with a pop-up alert for bad scores

(FOX NEWS) — Yelp, the online crowd-sourced review company that lets you rate hotels and restaurants and more, now giving you more information about where to eat and maybe where “not” to eat.

Yelp expanding a program in some cities to help restaurant seekers know which ones have low health score ratings.

The company has introduced a health score alert system to Chicago and Los Angeles.

Yelp says the program is designed to make health score information and violations easier to find.

While Yelp has had health scores available already, a pop-up message can alert food seekers to a bad health score, the alert will be for the lowest one percent of health scores in their city for the last 6 months.

Yelp says the system is both a warning for food searchers and an incentive for bad performers to do better.

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