If you have noticed a change in the taste and smell of your Amarillo tap water recently, there may be a reason for that.

City officials say they have received a few complaints about the water in the past month. 

If you are wondering if there is something in the water, you are not wrong, but it is not something you can see, rather it is something you can taste or smell depending on where you live, and you can blame it on the season.

Amarillo’s Assistant City Manager for Development Services, Floyd Hartman, said typically with a water system the size of ours you tend to see a change in the taste and odor in the water system.

With the change in water source, the water demands fluctuate throughout the year, but we are told the peak demands happen during the summer, which causes a noticeable change in the dynamics of the water.

“We monitor our system daily to make sure that we meet the minimum standards and the safety for our public, but anytime  somebody has an issue, we would ask that they call 378-6824 to report those so we can research and make sure that our system is operating to the level we expect,” said Hartman.

Hartman told us this is a 24-hour number so feel free to let them know whenever you have a water issue, whether it is taste, smell, or even if you have a leak.

Because of the demand for water in the summer, he told us they rely heavily on the surface water supply from the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority (CRMWA).

He said what you are tasting is a higher percentage of CRMWA and Lake Meredith water than we have seen in winter time typically.

Hartman said CRMWA has two water sources, lake water and their well water. 

While the city owns three different well fields, one southwest of the city, another in Carson County, and one in Potter County.