On Saturday mornning, Amarillo Police responded to a homeowner holding two burglary suspects at gunpoint on the 5200 block of Royce.  
The homeowner said he saw two burglars removing his property from a shed in the back of his house. The homeowner armed himself with a pistol and ran outside to confront the burglars.  He ordered them to the ground.  One of the burglars aggressively threw down the items he had stolen and violently lunged at the homeowner.  The homeowner then shot the burglar. The homeowner continued to hold both burglars at gunpoint while police were on the way, but the burglars took off running from the scene.  
Officers searched the area for both burglars but were only able to locate one of them.  Officers found the burglar who had been shot and he was transported to a local hospital for the injury he sustained.  
Special Crimes investigators obtained information about the second burglar who got away that morning.  He was taken into custody on November 23 and booked into the Randall County jail for burglary of a building. 
He was identified as 31-year-old Patrick Ramos, age 31. 
The homeowner was released pending further investigation.  
Special Crimes asks those with any information about this incident to call 378-9468.