A suspect behind bars for murder in Potter County Jail is released by mistake.

45 year old Adolphus Lebron Hollingsworth is suspected of murdering his wife back in 1997 in Hamilton County, Tennessee.

But officials say he was on the run for several years, and they say he landed here in Amarillo.

Police say they tracked him down and arrested him, then mistakenly released him.

Law enforcement picked up  Hollingsworth on Adams Street after a tip from a t.v. show.

Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas says, “the special crimes and the police department were the ones that  originally arrested him.  They had information he was in
Amarillo. They arrested him and he was booked into our jail on the 22nd around 4:00. “

After Hollingsworth was booked into Potter County, a law enforcement employee sent information to what they thought was the county where he is wanted.

Turns out that county is located in the wrong state.

Thomas says, “this guy had a warrant of of Hamilton County, Tennessee.   Our guy was checking with them already had the arrangements to have them come and pick him up.  The girl out there sent the teletype to Hamilton County, Texas”

Thomas tells us he takes full responsibility for the mistake.

“She was following what she had been taught, but it was just an overlook on the state part of it.”

Thomas says the suspect was found less than 24 hours later in Ohio as was again arrested..

He says, “it falls back on me and i’ll take the blame on it.  Like I said, we’ll work hard on it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Thomas tells us for as long as he’s been sheriff, nothing like this has ever happened.

He says the other employees involved are new and were in training.

They have since been disciplined.

Hollingsworth in currently in jail in Ohio where authorities found him.

He will later be transported back to Hamilton County, Tennessee where the alleged crime happened nearly 17 years ago.