Summer Breaks: Waterproof Casts Keep Fun Alive


(WYFF/NBC News) 10-year-old Kylie Duggan started summer with a break. Literally.

“I was roller skating and trying to a trick I didn’t even learn yet, kind of being a dare devil,” she recalls.

Instead of landing on her feet Kylie landed on her left arm, breaking it.

“It felt like a million needles inside poking my muscle and my bone just felt like out of place,” she says.

Fortunately, her broken bone isn’t having a huge impact on her summer vacation, thanks to her waterproof cast.

In the past you had to wrap a cast in trash bags to keep them from getting wet.

“It was a miserable experience. You had a plaster cast put on. It took 20-25 minutes to put it on, you had to wait for it to dry,” says pediatric orthopedist Dr. Michael Beckish.

Now the inside liner is water resistant, and the padding and cast itself are waterproof.

Experts say waterproof casts are usually more expensive, and not all insurance companies cover the added cost.


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