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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) –The pandemic has caused some parents to work from meaning they’re juggling work, parenting, and sometimes even teacher.

· Create a flexible routine. Try to keep structure of the day the same as it would be typically. This will give firm guidelines for building work and childcare schedule>bedtimes, mealtimes, etc.

o These schedules can help reduce stress and encourage family bonding.

· Experiment with time blocks. Getting a plan together to discuss the week and a have a game plan for different things (meals, appointments, chores) can help the family be prepared as well as set the priorities for the week. Placing a schedule in actual shifts that a person is assigned helps parents alleviate feelings of being overwhelmed by all the things that has to be taken care of (x happens in the first part of the day and x happens in the late part of the day—- if 2 people home, one supervises and helps with school work first part and vice versa).

· Add non-negotiables to the calendar. These are the priorities in life that align with your personal values, principals and goals. Examples are scheduling in family time, time for friends spiritual activities. Limit these in the schedule though. Only so many minutes in a day.

· Separate your roles. Boundaries between professional and personal life can become blurred while working from home. Separate the work space area from the home space area. Also have blocks of time to work (ex: 8-11 am) and then play Mom/Dad from 11-1pm.

· Plan what you can in advance. Getting a plan together for the kids to be busy while in zoom meetings is a must. You can get DYI projects for them, outdoor games, etc.

· Cut yourself some slack. Having the number of things to juggle throughout this season has been significant. Know that there will be hiccups along the way, being realistic that life will happen. Don’t worry about perfection and appreciate the quality time you have with your kids.

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