AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) –Summer is almost here and shenanigans can begin. Longer days, kids staying out in neighborhoods later at times can lead to “uh oh” moments from kids and parents alike. Breaking news…. Teens are not perfect. At some point kids are going to make poor decisions leading to something no good happening. These poor choices can rank from fairly minor to pretty significant.

We as parents have made those poor choices and resulting in “bad” behavior. Letting our kids know that we too are not perfect can be a game changer for our kids. This can help them understand that one or two poor choices do not define them for a lifetime. There is a way to mover forward…. This is done by accepting personal responsibility and the consequences that came with that decision and making it right if possible.

The teen brain is wholly incapable of quantifying consequence in the heat of the moment plus this being the most impressionable time on one’s life. Add these 2 things together and event the most moral of teenagers will one day mess up.

Here are some tips to helping our kids through these times and ways to learn from their mistakes:

· Remember when things do go awry it is not a reflection on you as a parent. One hiccup is not a summation of your years of childrearing.

· Letting your child fall and fail in front of others will be painful for you but let it happen. Mistakes and the consequences of these are how we learn to not repeat behavior. Do not bail them out or invent ways to prevent the natural/logical consequences of the misstep.

· Be honest with your own failings as a teen. One does not have to go into specifics or graphic detail but letting our kids understand we failed and yet survived it is powerful.

· Stress the importance of what can be learned through life’s great missteps and failures. It is not what we do when we fail and fall that matters but who fast we can get back up, brush ourselves off and do the right thing moving forward.

Practicing these things with our teens will make us both stronger and humble people.

One things parents need to evaluate…. How many times do your kids have missteps, how severe are the missteps and if others were hurt during them. IF things become a pattern or the issues become more and more severs over time this is when parents need to take action. Obtain resources to help find the catalyst of these behaviors. Counseling and/other interventions may be necessary to drill down to the real problem. Remember this too is not forever but a season of time. There is always hope and grace for our teens to move past these times.