This segment is sponsored by the North American Veterinary Community.

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — They’re the everyday heroes who are helping to care for your pet while they’re at the vet.

A recent survey shows that more than half of pet owners weren’t aware that veterinary nurses/technicians are the animal care equivalent of a Registered Nurse.

In her more than 35 years as a veterinary nurse/technician, Paige Allen, MS, RVT has seen and done it all. Her patients have included horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, cats and dogs of course, but even the occasional ostrich, elk, llama and camel. From A to Z, veterinary nurses/technicians provide medical care for pets of all kinds and species. On July 20th, Allen will be available to discuss the vital roles veterinary nurses/technicians perform on a daily basis in the care of our furry – and scaly – family members.

Veterinary nurses and technicians perform many critical and life-saving procedures and tasks. They are by your pets’ side throughout their lifespan starting with neonatal care at the beginning of life all the way to geriatric care to help them enjoy a better quality of life during senior years. 

Credentialed veterinary nurses and technicians are highly educated, skilled professionals who perform medical procedures including: monitoring anesthesia during surgery, diagnostic imaging, dental hygiene, taking vital statistics, nutritional counseling, correcting behavioral issues and emergency medicine.

By helping pet owners understand the valuable contributions veterinary nurses and technicians play, we can help provide the best care possible to our pets so they live longer, happier and healthier lives.