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Snakes have been in the news a bit lately. A brave German Sheppard took a snake bite protecting it’s owner in Florida. In a freakier story, a man was bitten by a Copperhead at a North Carolina Lowes’ home improvement store when the snake fell out of a tree. Snakes are something we deal with here on the Hgh Plains, so it’s a good time to review the snake situation here in our area.
Mike Boley, Zoo Services Coordinator for the Amarillo Zoo says, “Here in the Panhandle we have over 40 different kinds of snakes, only three of those kinds are venomous.” 
Any Texan worth their spurs knows exactly what brand of snake is dangerous around here; it’s of course the notorious Rattlesnake.
This year we could see more snakes than in years past due to an increase in rainfall. This in turn promotes populations of rodents, which is a primary food source of snakes, in particular Rattlesnakes.
The best way to deal with a rattler, or any snake is just avoidance.
“If you do see one, leave it alone, don’t try to take a stick and poke at it or mess with it, because then you’re increasing your chances of getting bit,” says Boley. Most bites occur accidently when people step on the snake or put their hand where the snake’s at.”
Remember that these slithering creatures are not out to get you. They’re a necessary part of the ecosystem, all be it a part that should be left alone.

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