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Teach the Spring Season

Amarillo, Texas - Spring is right around the corner! Trees are beginning to blossom, and green grass is beginning to appear. Now is the perfect time to talk to your kiddos about science, plants, the life cycle of seeds, and what plants need to grow.

Bean Stalks

Things to Grab:

- Cotton balls

- Lima Beans

- Water

- Ziploc baggie


Soak cotton balls in water. Line the bottom of the baggie with wet cotton balls. Add 3-4 lima beans. Close bag tight and tape to a window that receives sunlight. In just a few days you will have sprouts. In just a few weeks you will have bean stalks. 

DIY Chia Pet
Things to Grab:
- Decorated Cup
- Grass seed
- Potting soil
Decorate cup as desired. Fill 2/3 with potting soil. Add grass seed and cover with additional potting soil. Place in a well lit window and water daily. Once you have a good amount of growth kids can give their chia pets haircuts.

PCPS is offering free trainings and information to the community during March and April. They will travel up to 150 miles and can provide the following trainings:

1. Do you suspect child abuse? Now what?

2. How can schools (churches/daycare/mothers day out) and foster parents work together to best care for youth in foster care.

3. Who can be a foster parent and how to get started. Training and information is FREE. We encourage all mother's day out, childcare, schools, churches, etc to schedule a training with us. 

Panhandle Child Placement Services
112 Sw 8th, Suite 400



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