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AMARILLO, Texas(KAMR/KCIT) —Doctors are worried about a “triple threat” amid a concerning rise in COVID cases as kids get ready to go back to school. COVID, RSV and flu are expected to surge as the summer winds down and classrooms fill up.

 When kids go back to school, germs can spread quickly. It’s important to remember that these viruses do not discriminate and can infect anyone, regardless of age or health status.

 Now that many respiratory viral diseases have settled back into their pre-pandemic seasonal patterns and people have returned to pre-pandemic behaviors, what should we anticipate for the upcoming fall?

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Over the past two decades, Emily Volk has worked across the spectrum of patient safety and quality, ensuring that patient safety is a top priority in healthcare. Emily’s responsibilities have included service on the College of American Pathologists Cytopathology Resource Committee, the Public Affairs Committee, the Editorial Board of Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, the Engaged Leadership Network, the See, Test & Treat® program and the House of Delegates.

Emily is a strong advocate for both patients and pathologists and has served as a volunteer CAP member since 2000, working on scientific research teams to help ensure access to high-quality proficiency testing materials, which drive accuracy in laboratory testing. Through the Laboratory Accreditation Program, she has led and participated in a number of laboratory inspections. As of late, Emily Volk’s focus has been on working with the state and federal government to increase awareness of the importance of patient safety.

Dr. Volk has been a guest on CNN, Sirius XM Radio, CBS News and has appeared in several national publications including: the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer and Los Angeles Times.