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State Farm Hosting Neighborhood Assist Program

Businesses and community groups across the country are always looking for ways to inspire and empower people to get involved in their communities to create an impact. 

State Farm is bringing back their Neighborhood Assist Program for the 7th year.

The State Farm Neighborhood Assist program connects individuals and communities with local non-profits to build safer, stronger, and better-educated communities.

Here’s how it works:  Starting June 6th State Farm will accept up to 2,000 applications from non-profits across the country. That list is then narrowed down to 200 and the public votes for 40 winners in August. Each of those winning 40 organizations are presented $25,000 grants.

The grant application is easy to fill out: 

  • Mission Statement
  • How much does your cause focus on unmet needs
  • How would the $25,000 help meet that need
  • What lasting impact would the grant have

And each of those is limited to 1,000 characters and State Farms asks that the applicant upload three really good pictures that help put a visual to the effort.

State Farm is looking for: 

  • Education: It does not end in the classroom. State Farm is accepting causes that further education of any kind in our community.
  • Safety: Sidewalks to crosswalks – State Farm is accepting causes that make neighborhoods safer
  • Community Development: help your neighbors by submitting a cause that benefits the programs and places here.

 Find the Neighborhood Assist website here.

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