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Pharmacist Doug Drops Some Knowledge!

Amarillo, Texas - From Pharmacist Doug:
We are going to start seeing doctors using shorter courses of antibiotics. Previously we thought longer courses prevented resistant strains, but now the experts are saying longer courses of antibiotics lead to resistance because of the increased exposure of antibiotics to our natural flora.
Inhaling 100% Oxygen provides quick relief from cluster headaches. Usually, this method is associated with fewer side effects. It does require a prescription from your doctor. Pharmacies do not usually have this. You need to get portable bottles of oxygen from a medical supply store.
Serotonin syndrome (serotonin overload.) Full blown serotonin syndrome (hyperthermia, muscle rigidity, and even death) is very very rare. But, milder symptoms- jitteriness, muscle spasms, agitation, confusion, rapid heart rate and high blood pressure, dilated pupils, and heavy sweating are unlikely, but a little more common.
Avoid: Serotonergic meds - fluoxetine, citalopram, escitalopram, paroxetine, etc… in combo with MAOI (selegiline, rasagiline, phenelzine), metaxalone, Zyvox. ,methylene blue, tramadol, opoids and finally dextromethorphan (DM)
Kratom is a controversial herbal supplement. It comes from a tropical tree that is in the coffee family. In low doses it acts as a stimulant and in higher doses it acts as sedative or analgesic. It is also used for opioid withdrawal or recreationally to get high. Interestingly, the DEA has gone back and forth on this product. At first, they were filing for controlled status, but now they have removed that file and are seeking feedback on whether Kratom should be a controlled substance due to concerns about safety and abuse. 
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