In 1966, Jim Pepperman comes home from practice to the news that his dad died in an oil rig accident. Not only has the high school football star lost his mentor and best friend, but when his mom moves the family from Texas to New Jersey, he’s forced to say goodbye to his home, his team, and his chance for a football scholarship. Facing senior year in a new school with no friends, Jim struggles to keep the promise he whispered to his dad that he’d be a substitute father for his two younger sisters and a shoulder for his mom. But stepping into his dad’s shoes at seventeen feels impossible, the same way giving up the dream to play pro ball is harder than Jim thought. And senior year is just the beginning.

Pepperman’s Promise has sports in it, but it is not a sports story.

The book is available in paperback and ebook from Amazon. Also available at the Burrowing Owl bookstore on the Square in Canyon.

Pepperman’s Promise is the prequel to The Pepperman Mystery Series. Perplexity features Jim as the main character. Future mysteries in the series will have a character from Pepperman’s Promise as the feature lead. The next book in the mystery series is already in the works. The setting is the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. I spent last week in Tennessee doing research.