Parenting with Belinda: The Adolescent Brain

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The adolescent brain is dynamic, open, hungry, creative, brave, and curious. It’s designed to drive through transition.
What we need to know about the teen brain:
Brain is Changing: It has enormous capacity to influence the change (spend time doing things want to be great at- every experience will have some change in brain)
The brain is a high performance sports car, but breaks are not ready yet (the logical part of brain is not fully developed until age 24)
Hello hormones. The brain will need time to adjust to this flood of chemicals. It’s important to manage all feelings associated with this.
Brain is an open window.  Expose it to good will thrive; expose it to bad will “slam shut”.
Vulnerable to addiction. Flooding of Dopamine ( the feel good brain chemical) is very powerful.
Rebellion is ripe for the picking.  It’s open to experience and courage at an all-time high. 
Get sleep. It’s a super power.

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