AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) –Recently artist Billie Eilish revealed that she began watching pornography at the age of 11, and detailed the major impacts it had on her mental health.

It’s not a fun topic for parents and kids to talk about, but it’s a needed conversation especially today because kids have a lot more access to pornographic, and sexually violent material.

Research shows that 60% of kids 11-13 have seen pornographic images or video but unintentionally.

Things parents can do:

· Talk to your kids about sex and healthy relationships. Beginning in early childhood is key due to kids being exposed to sexualized content in the media constantly. The Netherlands has begun basic sex ed ages 4-6 and found when doing so they have lower rates of teen pregnancy, STDs and sexual assault.

· Talking about love, intimacy, commitment is the harms porn can do.

· Place parental controls on TV, computers, devices.

· Parents monitoring devices to know the sites their kids are on—be in the room when on devices, checking search engines, etc.

· Parents also need to be careful of what they are viewing in the presence of their kids as well. If an adult is viewing graphic content make sure web addresses, ads, etc. are not left open when a child gets on a device.

Taking to our kids about sex is not comfortable or easy. Let you kids know they can ask you anything and be as honest with an answer as you can. You want your kids coming to you for these questions instead of learning it from peers or their curiosity leading them to search out answers on-line.