Parenting Tips with Belinda: Halloween Safety

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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —We’re almost to Halloween, and that means getting ready to go out and trick or treat or go to Halloween parties.

Executive Director of the Amarillo Children’s Home has some tips to helping your kids stay safe.

· Faces need to be able to see what is going on around them

o Mask can obstruct views

o Make sure oversized hats, headpieces, helmet do not interfere w/ vision

· Costumes should be able to seen in the dark.. bright colors if possible but if not use reflective tape on strategic areas.

o Flame retardant

o Avoid oversized clothing which can cause trips/ falls or come in contact with open flames

o Props should be made of plastic or rubber

· While out have flashlights w/fresh batteries.

· Only go to homes w/ the lights on… custom time to trick or treat is 5:30 to 9:30 pm. Avoid going too early or too late.

· Make a plan

o 12 and under accompanied by an adult

o Over 12 have a starting point and time place to meet. Check in w/ them often via cell or at meeting points throughout the evening.

· Have street safety—look both ways before crossing, stay on sidewalks and avoid cutting through yards. This is not only rude but can have hazards such as water hoses, sprinklers, decorative rocks, etc,

· Parents talk to teen about parties, pranks and potential accidents

o What is criminal vs what is a prank.. no “hunting” black cats, no graveyard visitations, no vandalism to home/ cars (egging, painting, gluing, etc,)— some pranks that could be ok are forking, toilet papering. Know who you are pranking and know if they and/or their parents would be ok with it.

o No drinking what so ever…. If at a party where drinking/ drugs being used have a code word to use for parents to pick up. Never get in the car w/ someone who has been drinking.

Challenge: Talk to your kids beforehand. They need to know what is acceptable and expectations for the night.

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