AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —May means students are graduating, they’re getting ready for the next chapter which usually means being away from home and more independence.

Belinda Palacios has some tips for parents to survive graduation and says that these young adults are experiencing a lot of different emotions.

· Top 5 tips to survive the season

Expects a ride on a roller coaster.
-Feelings of joy, sadness, pride, uncertainty, ambivalence will all be present coming and going unexpectedly and with frequency.
-You are in company with this, parents all over the nations, world will be experiencing the same thing.

Keep your sense of humor.
Laughter is the best medicine for stress and this time season is chalk full of stress (back to back events; banquets, prom, celebrations, family in town, etc…).
Remember it will not go perfectly… keep the humor when things become overwhelming.

Celebrate the moment
Take time to slow down and enjoy this special time with family and friends.
Resist the need to rush through things because there are so many to accomplish. Remember this time only comes once in your child’s life.

Plan ahead.
Strategize for what’s to come to avoid being overwhelmed later. So much to do before departures for college, military, job, etc. Important for parents to have a game plan. Kids are reeling at this time and could have difficulty checking off the list/ tying up loose ends.

Foster independence.
Use the knowledge you have of your child’s need to help them predict/ prepare for possible stumbling blocks. Support and help formulate strategies however you cannot do it for them. It’s time for them to take the reins of their life.