Meaghan’s Camping Essentials


Camping season is here! Before you load up the gear, we have rounded up the best camping essentials to make your next campout the easiest and most fun one yet! We’d be happy to coordinate a segment with you. Please let me know if you’d like to set something up:

Knuckle Lights

When you’re spending time outdoors at night, getting around safely is an issue. Knuckle Lights make it easy to see and be seen during the dusk to dawn hours.  They are designed to be worn on the front of your hands, in a perfect position to light your way while keeping your hands free.  This must-have safety product is waterproof and comes with adjustable silicone straps to fit any hand size. Battery operated Knuckle Lights Colors ($39.99) and rechargeable Knuckle Lights Advanced ($59.99) are available at

CUROXEN First Aid Ointment

Bug bites and scrapes are no fun while you’re out camping, so be sure to take along Curoxen First Aid ointment. CUROXEN is the first and only organic, all-natural ointment. It’s proven to be over 5X more effective at killing bacteria than any other product on the market today. Made of three simple ingredients: organic olive oil, calendula and lavender essential oil. Available at Meijer stores and on Amazon.

Keepzit Kooler Can & Bottle Cooler

Keep your drinks cold with the Keepzit Kooler Can & Bottle Cooler. It provides the perfect combo: better insulation for lasting chill PLUS greater comfort & stability. The Secret? TWO Insulating Layers! Designed to fit 12oz & 16oz cans & bottles, this extra-strong yet amazingly light cooler has a thick inner foam liner that LOCKS IN THE CHILL, so drinks stay colder longer. Wider no-tip bottom base, with a vacuum-breaking opening allows you to pop your can or bottle out instantly   


Why does draught beer taste so much better than out of a can, bottle or growler? It’s the bubbles, and only Fizzics has the patented microfoam technology to create the uniformly dense and compact carbonation
that raises the flavor and feel of canned and bottled beer to craft-brew standards. Compatible with any size of can, bottle or growler and completely portable, Fizzics’ new, streamlined Waytap is battery-powered, making it the perfect companion when you want to draw a line at roughing it.


Is there anything more annoying than bees buzzing around your lemonade or fruit flies landing in your glass of wine? Yuck! Keep your glass covered with Drink Tops. The MOD and KIDS sets have a ‘tap and seal’ design. The WINE Drink Tops have a mesh screen surrounded by food-grade silicone that allows the wine to breathe while keeping out fruit flies, bees and outdoor elements. The best part – Drink Tops keep your beverage at the right temperature.  Sold in singles and 4-packs in different fun colors. Price is $19.95 – $24.95 per package at

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