This Sunday gives everyone out there a reason to indulge in guac, chips, wings, hotdogs, and a halftime show. As Super Bowl Sunday is the second-biggest day of the year for food consumption, Meaghan has found a wide array of products that will make sure any party goes off without a hitch.

Let’s start with some snacks.This is going to help your fans get fired up before the game… It’s called Kam’s Kettle Cooked Chili Sauce. You can use it as an alternative to ketchup, as a base for bbq, dips and spreads.
It’s available in hot and sweet & spicy flavors.
It’s all natural, non-GMO. You can find out more at
If you have guests coming to your party that have gluten sensitivity, you can make your own, gluten-free burger buns using this mix from blends by Orly.
Really, you can make whatever you want with these blends by just replacing the wheat flour with one of these blends.You can get them on or at Bed Bath and Beyond.
Now for the drinks! How many parties have you been to that you had some sort of broken glass?  Well, no more!
Symglass is a revolutionary line of unbreakable drinkware that combines the look and feel of glass with the durability of engineered polymer. It won’t crack, haze, or discolor. They are dishwasher and microwave safe and come in a variety of sizes.Get them at
Another big party foul is losing track of your drink at a party. Solve that dilemma with Simply Charmed.  Each charm is different so guests can easily tell which glass is theirs. The charms attach through any glass and are very strong. Get them at and on Amazon.  
Finally, this one’s for the kids. Keep them busy at the party with the Goodie Gusher. It’s an easy-to-fill safe-alternative to a pinata. It’s also reusable!  You fill it with candy and prizes, hang it up, and let kids and parents take turns pulling the magic key. It releases a shower of party treats and there’s no fear of getting hit with a stick or a bat. Plus, you can use it indoors. Get it at Wal-Mart or