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Everyone loves a massage but not everyone has the time for a massage. The answer to this predicament is corporate chair massages!

From Dr. Jeff Williams:

The first thing to know is: IT’S TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

For offices that have workers rubbing their necks from hunching over desks and complaining of headaches.

Here’s what happens when you announce that you will be having massages in the office:

    – Increased morale

    – Increased productivity

    – Breathe new life into your daily routine

    – And make ANY event unique and memorable. 

Chair Massages are guaranteed to:

    – Bring a positive atmosphere to any Special Event or Corporate Wellness Program. 

    – Help work-related issues such as poor posture, carpal tunnel symptoms, and increase low employee morale. 

    – Provide an economical way to show employees, clients, and anyone else that’s important to them, just how much they value the relationship.   

Creek Stone can send you a highly qualified and licensed massage therapist(s) to your location of choice and watch what happens!

    – Rejuvenated employees finish projects ahead of schedule, 

    – Work satisfaction shoots through the roof

    – You are declared “Employer Of The Year” (it’s possible!) 

It’s our experience that Corporate Chair Massage can: 

    – Reduce employee stress,

    – Reduce time off work, 

    – Lower health claims in the office, 

    – Raise productivity, 

    – Raise employee retention, 

    – Raise employee morale, and 

    – DEFINITELY raise their appreciation for their amazing bosses! 

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