AMARILLO, Texas(KAMR/KCIT) —What’s St. Patrick’s Day without some great Irish Whiskey?

Jennifer Vick from Lone Star Liquor has some great options and creates a traditional cocktail.

First is Slainte Irish Whiskey, the word translating into healthy or good health. The word Slainte is traditionally used instead of “cheers”.

This whiskey is aged in American Bourbon Oak Barrels and finished in Sherry Casks.

The other whiskey Jennifer brought is Proclamation Irish Whiskey. This is a blend of different whiskey’s across Ireland.

The company made this product to celebrate the Proclamation that established the Irish Republic in the year 1916. The bottle’s label even resembles the Proclamation that was issued.

This whiskey is triple-distilled and aged in New American Oak barrels and then matured in casks that are blended with a Sherry finished malt.

Jennifer also made an Irish Coffee cocktail.
2tsp-brown sugar
4oz-strong hot coffee
1.5oz-Irish Whiskey
1oz-heavy cream, lightly whipped

Put the brown sugar into the bottom of a cup that can withstand hot liquids. Then add the coffee and whiskey.

Mix, then pour the lightly whipped cream over the top, but don’t stir.