AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —Domperidone is banned in the United States, but legal in some other areas. It’s a medication that can be used to help digestion, but one of the side effects is lactation making it an option for new moms who are looking to boost their lactation to continue breast-feeding their children.

The InfantRisk Center at TTUHSC says they’re getting an increase in reports of new moms in this area looking to use this medication, but it can come with a lot of risks.

Doctor Teresa Baker and Doctor Kaytlin Krutsch say a low milk supply can possibly come from limiting a baby’s breastfeeding session, giving a baby infant formula, introducing solid foods before a baby is 4-6 months old, taking certain birth control medication, not getting enough sleep, or alcohol and nicotine intake.

They both suggest that new moms can do some things to increase their milk supply like making sure your baby is latching well, offering both breasts during each feeding, avoiding bottles and pacifiers in the early weeks, and emptying the milk from your breasts at each feeding which can be done through a pump.

Domperidone is banned in the U.S. but approved in other parts of the world like Canada. While it is sometimes used for digestion, it can be used to increase lactation. While that’s good news, the InfantRisk Center reports that some new moms are taking three to fives times over the recommended dose, then having major side effects like feeling like their lives are falling apart, losing relationships with friends & family and sometimes attempting suicide.

If you have any questions about medications or breastfeeding, the InfantRisk Center can help you. You can call the center at (806) 352-2519 or visit infantrisk dot com.

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