AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —Halloween approaches, which means kids of all ages will be out in force.

Belinda Palacios with the Amarillo Children’s Home has some tips for parents:

  • Choosing a costume
    • Stick with bright colors. At dusk and nightfall, it is hard to see and little ones can dart into the street or driveways. Having a flashlight with them once dark comes is advisable.
    • Opt for flame-resistant materials. Try to keep your kids away from jack-o-lanterns which have burning candles and other decorations which could catch part of the costume on fire.
    • Get the proper fit. This will help your child to not have injuries from falling (tripping on cloth, curbs, steps).
    • Avoid accessories that could cause injury. If using swords, knives, etc make sure they are soft plastic, rubber or cardboard.
  • Remove choking hazards
    • This is especially true for young children. These could be buttons and beads on the costume.
  • Consider the design of a mask.
    • Some masks make it difficult to see out of. Make sure that there is good visibility to avoid falls, running into things or not seeing cars coming down the street.
  • Picking safe face paint
    • Make sure it is made to be put on the face and is non-toxic. You need to try it out beforehand to make sure it does not cause irritation to the skin or your child is allergic.
    • When home thoroughly remove all facepaint. Sleeping with this on can cause irritation and/or rash.
  • Be sure and supervise and accompany kids under the age of 12. If you will be in large groups make sure your child has contact info with/them.
  • Prepare older kids for going out alone. Establish where they will be able to go and have check-in times. Have the respect talk and discuss with them over the importance of not pulling pranks with those they do not know or know would not appreciate it.
  • Only go to homes with the light on and remember street safety.
  • Check candy before digging in
    • Examine pieces to make sure the wrapping is torn or looks suspicious. Throw out unwrapped candy. Only take popcorn balls/ candy apples/ etc from people you know and trust. Fentanyl is being made to look like candy.. be very aware.
    • Watch for allergy-causing ingredients.
    • Remove candy a child younger than 4 could choke on.
  • Carving pumpkins
    • Prep the pumpkins for carving. Dispose of seeds/pulp the prevent little ones from picking it up and potentially choking. Talk to kids about using sharp utensils and if they begin to behave unsafely take them away.
    • Children under 5 should not use sharp objects. Painting pumpkins may be something you would want to do with them.

Adhering to some safety rules for the night can prevent a night of not so much fun or a trip to the emergency room.